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December 1963, Roger Caron was serving time in notorious Kingston Penitentiary for his sixth “Go-Boy!” (AKA prison escape) in as many years. On the floor of his cell, he had just written a one word Christmas greeting to the guards using jellybeans he received from The Salvation Army. His actions were rewarded with a vicious beating. It was at that very moment that Roger realized the true power of his words.

For the next 15 years, Roger wrote about his life in prison. He exposed a system where solitary confinement, corporal punishment, electric shock therapy and experimental medical procedures were all considered a means of “rehabilitation”. By the time he turned 40, Roger had robbed 75 banks, spent 24 years in prison and had been a “Go-Boy!” a record-breaking thirteen times. However, even more remarkably, he had also just won Canada’s highest literary award, the Governor General’s Award, for his book, “Go-Boy!”

Now, for the first time, Roger Caron’s first-hand account of his experiences in and out of prison is revealed in the feature documentary, Go-Boy!: Memories of a Life Behind Bars. Chronicling decades of brutality and depravity of prison life, this remarkable film brings Roger’s extraordinary adventure to life. His incredible journey started with hardship and ended in personal triumph. It took a lifetime of adversity and perseverance for Roger Caron to find his redemption. The master of escape found a way to successfully flee his past by using the most unlikely of tools – a bag of jellybeans.